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Hey June! Kensington Dress and Tee

 Looking for an AMAZING dress or tee pattern for your daughter? Look no further! Hey June has released a pattern with so many options, you might just have trouble deciding which version to make! The Kensington Dress and Tee pattern can be purchased over at Hey June Handmade. Here is my version which I made for the pattern test.

I chose to make a shorter sleeve with a cute button tab instead of a longer sleeve. It's going on spring here, so I thought that was a wise choice. Another design choice which I made was to recycle some older t-shirts we have had hanging around here for awhile. This shirt was made entirely from reclaimed fabrics. I love the economical aspect of sewing with re-purposed materials!

There are so many lovely design details: the button tabs on the sleeves, the little point on the placket, the pleats in the pocket, and the high/low hemline of the shirt. I've seen some really cute dress versions too.

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