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Summer of Sewing--Let's Talk About Laundry

OK. Here's my story about the laundry thing. I mean, seriously, who likes to do laundry anyway? In the middle of packing for an overnight camp out, I decided to sew this pair of shorts for my son. 
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The Domi Sweatpants by Sofilantjes, which I got from UpCraft Club, are so quick to sew. UpCraft Club has all the latest (affiliate link) PDF sewing patterns. Being a member of the club allows you to receive a free pattern every month plus discounts on other pattern purchases. There are 3 different levels of membership, so choose the one that best fits your current sewing needs. And anyway who doesn't like free patterns?!
Several weeks ago, I cut these shorts out. I like to cut out sewing projects in batches, that way when it's time to sew, I just choose a project and go with it. Since the shorts were already cut out, all I had to do was stitch them up. It took me 30 minutes tops--using just my sewing machine instead of my serger. I love the stretch stitch on my machine and since my serger was set up with white thread for another project, I just really didn't feel like switching it out. I really like the style of these shorts. The knit fabric that I used to make them is soft and comfy--a slate gray ponte knit. I sewed a size 12 for my guy. You can see the size 12 months that I also sewed for my niece with a different pocket style. I can't wait to make this pattern in pants length come fall. 

Pattern features:
  • unisex pattern is perfect for girls or boys 
  • sizing ranges from 12 months through 14 year
  • two pocket styles
  • three pant lengths--shorts, 3/4 length, and pants--perfect for all seasons
  • cuffs or folded hem options for 3/4 and pant lengths

Anyway, on to the laundry topic. I actually do have a system for laundry at my house. Everyone does their own! A very good friend told me about her system and I tweaked it just a bit to fit our current situation.

Each of the girls (ages 16, 14, and 12) washes her own laundry. Each girl has a day of the week assigned as her day to wash laundry. What happens if they forget? Then they have to wait until the next week to wash their laundry or talk one of their sisters into including something into their laundry on a different day. Trust me when I say how well this system works. They only forget to wash their laundry once because after that it's a big pain to figure out what you need to do to convince your sister to wash something for you. 

So that leaves me to wash my son's and husband's laundry along with my own. That's easy now as it's only 3 people to take care of. My son is in charge of sorting the laundry, which also includes towels. I am teaching him how to load the washer and how to start the dryer so hopefully in the next few months, the laundry will be even simpler for me to get done! Every month it is a child's chore to fold towels after they are washed and dried. Once the clothing laundry is clean, I sort it into the appropriate pile for my husband, myself, and my son. Then we each put away our own laundry.

I really love my laundry sytem. It frees up more time for me to do other things, like make more laundry! Don't forget to link up and enter the giveaway for one of 3 fabulous prize packages! (I received this pattern for free. I wasn't required to write a positive blog post about it. I only share with my readers those products and services that I love.)

What laundry tips do you have?

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