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DIY Wool Dryer Balls

And it was SO easy!

I have wanted some wool dryer balls for a few years now, but they were quite honestly pretty low on the buying priority list, what with the cost and all. And because I didn't love the idea of using dryer sheets, we just put nothing in the dryer when we dry our clothes. But, oh, the static! Especially in the winter when we dry the towels.

And now I'm so proud of my dryer balls. Even prouder that I made them! I'm totally addicted now, and since it was so easy to do I want to make more and give them as Christmas gifts. (Sorry family if you are reading this...) Wouldn't you love to make your own dryer balls too? It's so much fun, and therapeutic in some ways. I found the instructions in an ebook that I purchased: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes by Heather Dessinger at Mommypotamus. 
This post contains affiliate links. When you use my affiliate links to make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my efforts!
This ebook is filled with 50 all-natural toxin-free recipes that really work. The awesome thing about this ebook is that I was able to purchase it along with several other ebooks and ecourses all about healthy living in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

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Over time, I've been slowly but surely making small changes in the products that we use in our home. I want to be able to have a chemical free home so that my family can be as healthy as they possibly can. It's hard to break the habits that I have been doing for years. Well, now I'm working on changing those habits. Slowly. So very slowly. But by making one simple change at a time, it's slowly coming together. My kids are beginning to think in terms of chemical free. Even my husband is willing to try a chemical free product now and then!

When I first began my journey almost 5 years ago into a greener lifestyle, it wasn't easy. Information wasn't easy to find. Sure, I could find a random recipe on the internet, but I had no way of knowing if the source was reputable, or if the end results would actually work. Many of the things that I tried were simply a result of trial and error. And most of the time, I didn't like the end product. I dumped several experiments in the garbage. I knew there had to be a better way. And there is!

Before the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, I never would have attempted to make my own wool dryer balls. But because the authors and teachers in this bundle have thoroughly done their research and are trusted in their field, I just knew that the dryer balls wouldn't end up being another failed experiment.

Have you ever made your own toothpaste? Me either. And this is one of the last areas that I ever really felt like I needed to make a change. I was completely happy with my store-bought toothpaste thank you very much. 
Do you know what one of the first eCourses in the bundle that I checked out was? Yep, the DIY dental Care eCourse by Kari Newsom and Spark Health. She seriously made making the toothpaste seem so very simple. AND she explained the importance of each ingredient so thoroughly that it actually made sense. I'm inspired to make my own toothpaste now. And not just toothpaste either. I think I will actually try the mouthwash as well! The videos are so helpful for step-by-step guidance, and the recipes are included as a download as well. 

When purchased separately, this eBook and eCourse alone would have cost me $37. It's not a bad price, and one that I gladly would have paid for the information gained. BUT if you purchase the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, you will receive the two items that I've already spoken about plus a host of other digital resources to help you on your wellness journey. Topics in the bunlde include: Paleo, DIY beauty and skincare, essential oils, fitness and weight loss, gardening, healthy kids, healthy lifestyle, real food and nutrition, recipes, and gluten and grain free.

In total there are 58 eBooks and printables, 25 eCourses, videos and audios. The cost of the bundle is just $29.95--lower than the cost of purchasing the above two items separately! If you purchased each of the digital resources in this bundle on their own, it would cost $2,417.58--purchasing the bundle for just under $30 saves you 98%!
What would be a bundle without free bonuses? Many of the bonuses give you access to physical products to try. One of these bonus items that I personally love and am so happy to have access to is from MadeOn Skin Care--Bee Cool Muscle Balm Stick and Natural Lip Balm combo set. Both of these products contain no chemical ingredients and are so good for your skin. The value of this bonus is $15.25, but with the purchase of the bundle you get them for free (you do need to pay for shipping on the physical products). 
Another bonus product that my girls have enjoyed is the free mineral eye shadow trio ($18 value) from Orglamix. Again these cosmetics are chemical free, and I'm so excited for my girls to use them, which enforces that we don't need chemicals in order to look beautiful!

What I love most about purchasing an Ultimate Bundle is the happiness guarantee. If you buy the bundle and then decide it's not really for you, you can always get your money back within 30 days of purchasing. So really nothing to lose!

But hurry! This special sale won't last for long! 

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Rise 'N Shine Smoothie Recipe

With school back in session, I'm always looking for quick and yummy breakfast ideas. And this recipe promises to fit that bill. I like to be able to feed my kids yummy and wholesome foods that will fill their bellies and fuel their bodies. It's not always easy to choose food that is good for you, but tempting recipes always help!
If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I have been on this wellness journey for myself and my family for several years. One of the things I have been changing in my house is the amount of chemicals that we use. I began swapping bottles and purposely choosing cleaners that were safe and chemical free (but still did the job).

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I have also been working on my own health by eating whole, real foods and leaving out much of the processed junk. Yes, it's harder...read: I have to cook more...but I know it is better for me and for my family. For just over 18 months I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. For this recipe I would sub out the vanilla yogurt for triple zero vanilla yogurt and use almond or cashew milk in place of the skim milk. I would probably add a doonk or two of stevia as well. My kids of course could enjoy the recipe as written!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (affiliate link) is coming next week!

Did you try this recipe? Let me know how you like it!

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A Love Transformed--Review

I recently reviewed books one and two in the Sapphire Brides series by Tracie Peterson so naturally I accepted the chance to review book 3! I love that each book in the series has been completely different. They are all set in the same area--Montana--but each book covers a different time period. A Love Transformed (affiliate link) takes place during a time of war.

Has Anyone Ever Seen God?--Rose Academy Review

My daughter has enjoyed being able to read through this little book (affiliate link) Has Anyone Ever Seen God? The cover of the book states that there are 101 questions and answers about God, the world, and the Bible. This is a small little hard cover book. The pages inside are sturdy and thicker than regular paper.

Gratitude Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal--A Rose Academy Review

My daughter has been enjoying her copy of the (affiliate link)  Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal. Part journal, part devotional, part coloring book, this journal is perfect inspiration and reminder to express gratitude to our God and creator.


Getting Started With French--A Rose Academy Review

Having high school students means learning a foreign language. Of course it's all fun and games in elementary school when learning a foreign language, but in high school they need that language for credit. My oldest daughter wanted to learn French in 9th grade. Unfortunately Getting Started with French by Armfield Academic Press wasn't available then, but now that my next two are ready for a foreign language, this book came at the perfect time for them to use it. 
Introducing Getting Started with French {Armfield Academic Press}
First of all I want to say that as a homeschool mom of four kids, I really appreciate that this book is self-taught. All of the instruction is directly in the book. The child reads the instructions and practices the new words. They complete the exercises and are able to check their work in the back of the book. The lessons are not overly long. In the beginning I think the lessons take 5-10 minutes. As the lessons progress they get somewhat longer. I allowed my girls to complete as many lessons as they want to in one day, but they are only required to do one. I actually think it is better to one short lesson at a time. It gives the brain time to process the new information.

Unlike some computer or DVD based programs with flashy colors, exciting games, and engaging activities, this book seems like it would be boring. That is not the case. This book contains just the right amount of instruction in order to explain what is new and help the student understand. Also included are some files that you can download at the website (information is given in the book). Each lesson includes a pronunciation file--the correct pronunciation is spoken by a native French speaker. Each lesson also includes a commentary on the new instruction learned in the lesson. Both files are helpful for each lesson. 

Both of my girls who use this book really enjoy it. It doesn't take a lot of their time, and I can trust that because of the pronunciation and commentary files that they are learning to pronounce things correctly. Just today one of my girls proudly read the practice sentences to me correctly and was able to translate them for me so I knew what she was saying. I'm so glad that this resource is now available to us to give my girls a solid foundation in beginning to learn the French language.

Would you like to read what other reviewers had to say about Getting Started with French? Check out the Review Crew Blog for more!

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