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Sew Snappy

Several months ago I was asked to help proof read the English translation of this book. I was also asked to test sew one of the projects in the book and give my feedback. Of course I was excited to oblige, and in return I received both a PDF and print copy of the book as a small thank you for my time. I sewed and proof read my project and promptly forgot about ever receiving the book until one day we received a package from Germany.
When I received the package all the way from Germany, I was like, wait I haven't ordered anything international in quite some time. As confused as I was, I went ahead and peeked inside. Yep! A beautiful book was shining up at me. Of course I immediately paged through all the projects and lo and behold at the end of the book my name AND my blog got a mention! Plus they included a picture of my project. 
I test sewed project 16 from the book--Small fortune. It is a small (and adorably easy to sew) purse. It has a velcro pocket on the inside and a button closure on the outside. An easy to attach strap also serves as a cute little decoration on the each one of the sides.
In total there are 25 projects in the book. Pattern sheets are included for projects that need them. Some projects include measurement charts for cutting out simple rectangle pattern shapes. All of the instructions are very thorough and include detailed illustrations. This is definitely a beautiful book that will definitely get much more use in my sewing studio.
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The Familyman Christmas Treasury--A Rose Academy Review

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews
Our whole family has enjoyed listening to these awesome Digital Downloads of the Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection from The Familyman. We received the complete collection of Christmas stories as a digital download, plus one story on disc. Each of these stories are easy to listen to and engaging. Even the adults and teenagers in the family enjoy listening to them. Each story illustrates the true meaning of Christmas in a fresh and lively way. The books are written by Todd Wilson and read by Jim Hodges.


Journal Bible Review

Eeeep! I have a journal Bible! This is one that I have wanted for quite some time. Last Christmas I bought each of my girls a journal Bible and I have felt left out ever since. So naturally when this beautiful Bible came up for review, I jumped right on it!

This version is the NIV Holy Bible. It contains the full text of the Bible in the NIV translation. Each page includes the text on one half of it and lines for journaling on the outside edge. Plenty of room for drawing, doodling, writing, and decorating my thoughts about special passages.

The cover is a beautifully decorated hardcover. The picture really doesn't do the Bible justice. The gold is shiny. I really think maybe this Bible was meant to be for younger tween/teen girls, but I have claimed it, and I love it!

The pages are just a bit thicker than usual to accommodate several types of art media. So far I have used gel pens in this Bible and they have not bled through. I have also used washi tape on the pages and it goes on smoothly and doesn't wrinkle the pages.

I also appreciate the elastic strap that can be used to keep the Bible closed. Once you fill the Bible with your thoughts, ideas, and some decorations, it is useful to have the elastic strap to keep it all together.

I am so looking forward to more journaling in this Bible. There is plenty of room to take sermon notes on Sunday as well as write out my thoughts and prayers during devotion time. At first it seemed odd to me to be marking in the Bible, but this is an excellent way to connect with passages and really understand what God's word means to me personally.

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Free Diffuser Recipes

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Christian Filmmakers Academy--A Rose Academy Review

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}
Family Gravity Media, a division of Families For Christ Ministries, Inc. has graciously allowed me to access their Online Christian Filmmakers Academy. I was at first interested in this course because my sixth grade son has really shown an interest in making videos for his YouTube channel. I really thought that maybe this course would provide him some extra information without it just being me always giving suggestions.


FREE Tulle and Ribbon Treat Bag Tutorial

This is a fantastic project for someone who is new to sewing. This would also be a perfect project for teaching kids how to sew. So let's get started!

Supplies needed:
  • cotton woven fabric
  • tulle
  • ribbon
  • webbing
Cut your cotton woven fabric into 2 rectangles 13 inches by 15 inches.
Cut 2 strips of tulle 4 inches tall by 44 inches wide.
Cut 2 pieces of webbing, each 15 inches long. If you want longer handles, cut your pieces longer.