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Physics 101--A Rose Academy Review

Physics, Chemistry & Biology 101 {The 101 Series}
The 101 Series has always provided excellent science DVD's. Physics 101 is no exception. My high school students are currently using Biology 101 this year. Last year my oldest daughter used the Chemistry 101 discs for her chemistry class. When the opportunity came to review the Physics 101 program, of course I was thrilled at the opportunity. These are all excellent programs to use a supplement to any curriculum. They are appropriate for all ages--even my middle school son has enjoyed watching some of the clips. 

The DVD's can be used as a full curriculum. The accreditation booklet directs the students on separate activities that can be completed in order to fulfill high school credit requirements. Of course every family is unique and while it isn't required to do every single activity in the accreditation booklet, there are a variety of ideas to choose from. Activities include:
  • Viewing the DVD's
  • Reading the guidebook
  • Making a Physics 101 notebook
  • Research
  • Lab reports
  • Discussion questions
  • Conduction "mini-labs"--these use items that are mostly found around your home or easily obtained
  • Field trips suggestions
  • Library and web resources for further study
Usually my family likes to pick and choose the activities that we will complete based on the suggestions in the accreditation booklet. I have a few students who are really hands on and learn best by completing experiments. I also have others who prefer to read a book or even research about a specific topic. I like that this curriculum allows me to tailor it to each student.

The topics covered in these DVD's include many topics that you would expect to find in a typical physics book. What I like best about these DVD's is that instead of making the topics long, drawn out, and boring the company has really done an excellent job of making learning physics accessible to ANYONE! I remember in high school trying to read my physics book or study for a physics test and it was just so challenging. The quality of instruction in this set is excellent. In fact if you have an especially eager student, they could easily expand on any one of the topics and find more information about it, which would allow them to study deeper into the topics that interest them.

Physics 101 covers these physics topics:
  1. Introduction to Physics
  2. Light and Color
  3. Mirrors and Lenses
  4. Invisibility and Speed of Light
  5. Introduction to Sound
  6. Acoustics: the Sound of Music
  7. What is Fire?
  8. The Three Laws of Thermodynamics
  9. Refrigeration: Hot and Cold
  10. What is Electricity?
  11. Outlets and Circuits
  12. Batteries and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  13. The Life of Isaac Newton
  14. The Universal law of Gravity
  15. The 1st Law of Motion
  16. The 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion
  17. The Life of Albert Einstein
  18. Relativity
  19. Quantum Mechanics
  20. The Future of Physics
Each segment runs for 20-40 minutes and thoroughly covers the topic and includes some experiments to demonstrate how it works. The students are then requested to re-create these experiments at home. The total run time for all of the discs and included topics is 11 hours, 10 minutes. 

Also included with the discs is a PDF file of the Guidebook. The Guidebook is a simplified review of what was discussed in the disc segment. There are discussion questions and quizzes as well. I print the guidebook and accreditation booklet for each child at the beginning of the year. I have been thoroughly impressed with all of the materials from The 101 Series. Physics 101 is no exception, and I am glad they have thoroughly covered so many important physics topics. I am also excited that each set of DVD's can stand alone. It is also wonderful to include ideas and suggestions for using these discs as high school credit. I do like to keep science learning simple and accessible.

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