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3 Seeds

Commissioned {Chara Games}
Commissioned {Chara Games}
3 Seeds  is another game sent to us by Chara Games. You can read my previous review about their first game, Commissioned. This is a game that is very simple to learn and easy to play. It is rated for ages 12 and up and can be played with 2-5 players, but I definitely think a younger player could play successfully alone if they understand some of the strategy OR with an adult or teen partner.
The back of the box describes the game as "a deceptively simple, highly interactive, light strategy card game about life's most precious resources!" Your goal in this game is to earn the most points. If at the end of the game, you have done this, then you win!

The instructions included in the game are sufficient to get you set up and playing in just a few minutes. But there is also a video to walk you through the basic game play. Of course I think the best way to learn to play a new game, is to simply begin playing it. The confusion really starts to clear as you walk through the game step-by-step. Because of this, the first time we play a game, we simply are playing for fun and learning how to play. Once everyone knows how to play, then we play a real round of the game to see who wins.

Once the game is set up like the picture above, play proceeds around the table. On your turn you complete each of 6 "steps".
  1. Draw 3 seeds from your deck.
  2. Look at a face down harvest card OR swap the position of 2 harvest cards.
  3. Place your seeds on a crop and play an optional event card.
  4. Score the completed crops.
  5. Place any remaining cards face down on the seed deck.
  6. Pass the turn marker to the next player.
One thing that I am most impressed about with the games from Chara Games is that the quality is so excellent. The boxes are sturdy and durable and the illustrations are pleasing to the eye. The cards in this game are just a tad bit thicker than regular playing cards, which means they will hold up nicely through many rounds of play. I also appreciate that the rulebook is in a booklet format and organized easily to find the information that you need to play the game.

The player who most recently did yard work gets to go first. I think before we play next time, I'll spend a few minutes outside pulling some weeds. Joking aside, that is a fun way to determine the first player. Most games we play say the youngest player goes first or the person who rolls the highest number on a die goes first. Just one way that Chara Games purposefully seeks to be a unique game company. I can't wait to see what games they produce in the future. (I also secretly hope to be on their list of game testers.)

My understanding is that I received a game from the Kickstarter campaign. I am not sure the company's timeline for releasing other copies of the game, but according to their website they hope to have them in retail stores by the end of the year.

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