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Chara games--A Rose Academy Review

Commissioned {Chara Games}
Commissioned is a new game created by Chara Games. My family has had the pleasure of being able to play this game and let you know what we think. I am always on the look out for new games for my family. But not just any old game, we prefer games that teach some sort of skill or lesson. Since my children have grown older our game choices have also changed. A couple of my teens enjoy strategy based games, some prefer card games, and still others prefer video games. This game is a new type of game for us. It combines some strategy with cooperation to work together to win. 

The game is not a challenging on to play, but there are several instructions for set up and game play. The instructions included in the game are very thorough and written in a full color booklet. I appreciate that the company has also made a video walk through demonstration. The video really clarifies the instructions. Before watching the video, I wanted to see if we would be able to play the game successfully without the help of the video. I actually prefer to read the instructions rather than watch  video. At one point in the game, my daughter and I were both scratching our heads wondering what the instructions meant. We went to the video and since we were able to see the game played, the instructions suddenly made sense. I'm glad the creators decided to include a video demonstrating the game play.
Before beginning the game, you will choose a scenario card to complete. There are 5 scenario cards for you to work through. The creators suggested starting with the first scenario card, which seems the simplest of all of them. In fact the video instructions walk you through this challenge and for first time players, this is what I suggest doing. Set up the game board and play along while watching and pausing the demonstration video. Each scenario card lists important information, game board set up, victory conditions, and what failure means. Here is a list of the different scenarios that you can choose from:

  • Acts of the Apostles
  • The First Missionary Journeys
  • Appeal to Caesar
  • Peter's Gentile Outreach
  • To the Ends of the Earth

This game can be played with 2-6 players and takes about an hour to play once you understand game play. Each player chooses an apostle for their player. Each apostle has specific things they can do and ways they can benefit the game. The apostles used in this game are:

  • John
  • Barnabas
  • Andrew
  • Peter
  • James
  • Paul

I definitely think playing with all 6 players would really be a fun time. You would definitely need patience though. This isn't a game that is played in 10-15 minutes. Younger children could definitely play along with an adult on their team. Most high school students and older would enjoy the game once they learn the play pattern. 

Also included is a Theme Appendix. From the front page of the appendix, this description is given and I think it explains the essence of the game really well: "This appendix is designed to explain some of the historical background around the people, place, and events depicted throughout the game. The designers acknowledge taking certain liberties with the material in order to translate into the game space. Our objective has been to construct a gameplay experience that replicates the difficulty, wonder, dependence, and excitement felt by early members of the Christian Church. Hopefully, this appendix will offer gamers a unique viewpoint on one of the most amazing periods in human history." The appendix then goes on to explain the map used in the game as well as the events surrounding each of the trial and faith cards.
Commissioned {Chara Games}
3 Seeds is the second game released by Chara Games. It is a quick to learn and easy to play card game based on the principle of reaping and sowing. Look for that review coming soon.

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