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Appaloosa Bag by Sew Sweetness

With the change to cooler weather, I decided it was time for a new bag for me. I have been contemplating making this one for some time now and I finally went ahead and made it. I have sewn several purse/bag patterns by Sew Sweetness. I love the structure and sturdiness that these bags have. I also appreciate the simple construction and easy to follow patterns. This pattern was no exception. I was even able to modify the pattern to have a special feature.

I adore the fabric that I used. It was on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby so I picked it up not knowing what I would use it for. I think it's perfect for this bag. I also like the two front pockets located just under the flap. They are perfect for keeping items that you want easy access to.
I modified one of the pockets so that I could carry my essential oils with me. I like to take along my oils, but I don't like it when they are just thrown in my bag and then end up getting lost amidst all my other belongings. This modification keeps my oils close at hand and easy to find. It was really simple to modify. Once the pocket was sewn and before attaching it to the purse, I used knit elastic to create little holders for each of my oils. It has space to hold six 10ml roller bottles. I included a couple larger elastic holder slots to keep my hand sanitizer bottle and perhaps a larger bottle of oil. I like that it didn't add any bulk to that pocket and they are still secure within the front flap.
Another modification that I made is that I placed the zipper pocket on the outside of the back of the bag. I did this so I could have an easy to access place for my iPhone. It's perfect because it's secure and I don't have to dig through my bag or hold the flap open awkwardly while out and about. Next time I make this pattern, I will make that zipper pocket opening wider. Also I learned that attaching this kind of pocket doesn't work well with foam as an interfacing. Next time I'll interface the lining so the zipper pocket will install much easier.
Since the zipper pocket went on the outside, I added a simple patch pocket to the inside of the main compartment. I didn't want to go crazy with pockets but felt like maybe the main compartment would be too large and roomy and that I might want a smaller pocket for necessities that often get lost in the bottom of the bag.
The final adjustment that I made is that I extended the strap. I am a huge fan of cross body bags. Cross body bags also happen to work well for my body type, so naturally I would want to wear this one that way. The original length of the strap didn't allow the bag to hand at the desired height. I needed to extend the strap by about 15 inches to get the desired length so it would sit at my hip instead of my waist.
Are you inspired to make your own Appaloosa Bag?
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You can find the Appaloosa Bag pattern at UpCraft Club.
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