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Marc--a PDF sewing pattern by Filles à Maman

I love sewing for my son! He appreciates each thing that I make for him. This shirt was no exception. Marc is a shirt pattern for boys created by Filles à Maman. The shirt calls for knit fabric for the shirt front, back, and sleeves. The collar, facing, placket, and shoulders use woven fabric and interfacing.

A couple weeks ago we were out rummaging and I had my husband purchase this polo shirt. It was a men's  XL and he was like, "Who is that for?" I smiled and said, "It's only a dollar and I can cut it down to fit Caden." I didn't actually have any pattern in mind for the shirt, until I met Marc.
Marc is such a fabulous shirt to sew. The collar is off-set and the placket buttons up on the side. I love the unique take on what would otherwise be an ordinary polo shirt. And at last that rummage sale find has found a new purpose!
 Look at how happy he is and how handsome he looks in his new shirt!
The facing is such a unique shape. As I was sewing the shirt, I kept thinking to myself, "How in the world is all of this going to fit together?" I'm happy to report that it went together just like a magic! In the early stages of testing this shirt, I had a few problems, but that is what testing is all about--ironing out the kinks. Once things were corrected and reconfigured, I made a second shirt. Don't let the pattern fool you! It looks difficult to sew, but with the step-by-step illustrations and written instructions, you won't be disappointed.
I also got to use my new KAM snap hand-held press. I was a little bit nervous that I might ruin the entire shirt, but I didn't. I have not had any success using a snap press in that past, but with my KAM snap hand-held press, the snaps attached to the shirt so easily. Now I'm looking for another project just so I can use my KAM snaps again!
And just for your viewing pleasure (even though it's not a great picture) here is the second shirt that I made. I like this one even better. I used my stash for this one and used knit fabric for the entire shirt. I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't turn out, but it did. And it wasn't any more difficult to make than the first one.

You can purchase the Marc pattern this week for a special introductory price. Be sure to visit Filles à Maman to get your copy! Marc is available for boys size 12 months-14. I'm pretty sure I'll be making more!

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