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Sew Your Pattern Stash

Sew Your (Pattern) Stash 2015

One of my sewing goals this year is to use the sewing patterns that I already own. I own several PDF sewing patterns and while I have made several of them there are a few that I purchased but haven't made yet. I have several other sewing goals, but for now I will start with these 2:

  1. Sew from patterns that I already own.
  2. Don't purchase any new patterns--this one was very hard for me today because there are some AMAZING sales today!
My friend Bethany at Sew Not Perfect is graciously hosting a Sew Your (Pattern) Stash group on FaceBook. There is a theme each month. I like that the themes are open to interpretation, plus you can always just sew what you want, if you're not one to follow along with the rules. :)

Here is a preview of the monthly themes. I have made a list, but that may change as I have some projects to make in March that are not at all related to sewing dresses and skirts. :)
I hope you will consider joining us over on FaceBook. And I look forward to posting my sewing projects here for everyone to see.

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  1. I didn't know you were going to try going the whole year without buying any new patterns, too! Good for you. You can save all that money and put it toward fabric to use while sewing your pattern stash! ;)

    1. I had no idea how hard it would be to go an entire year without buying patterns...it's only 6 days into the new year and I've been tempted several times to buy a pattern or 2. :)


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