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Sew Your Pattern Stash

Sew Your (Pattern) Stash 2015

One of my sewing goals this year is to use the sewing patterns that I already own. I own several PDF sewing patterns and while I have made several of them there are a few that I purchased but haven't made yet. I have several other sewing goals, but for now I will start with these 2:

  1. Sew from patterns that I already own.
  2. Don't purchase any new patterns--this one was very hard for me today because there are some AMAZING sales today!
My friend Bethany at Sew Not Perfect is graciously hosting a Sew Your (Pattern) Stash group on FaceBook. There is a theme each month. I like that the themes are open to interpretation, plus you can always just sew what you want, if you're not one to follow along with the rules. :)

Here is a preview of the monthly themes. I have made a list, but that may change as I have some projects to make in March that are not at all related to sewing dresses and skirts. :)
I hope you will consider joining us over on FaceBook. And I look forward to posting my sewing projects here for everyone to see.

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