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Bundle Up! Jillian Tank by Greenstyle

I had the pleasure of sewing the GreenStyle Jillian tank for the Women's Bundle Up sale. Talk about versatility! This one pattern includes the following: the tank that you see pictured here, an outer tank, a sports bra, and a bandeau. You can choose to add the sports bra to the inner tank and the bandeau or leave them off. Each tank can be worn together or separately. You can also choose to add a band to the bottom of each tank.

I chose to make the inner tank in swimsuit fabric. I added the sports bra to the tank using swim lining fabric. I'm planning to make some matching swim bottoms for a complete suit. Which bottoms pattern should I make? I was thinking that I would use the Mykonos swim pattern for the bottoms (also part of the bundle up sale).

The inner tank has 2 neck cutting lines. I used the higher neckline since it is going to be a swimsuit, and I wanted better coverage for swimming.

The fit is fantastic. I was afraid it was going to be too snug, but it seems that this pattern has just the right amount of negative ease to account for the stretch of the fabric.

Don't miss out on these patterns while they are on sale during the Bundle Up sale. You can save at least 50% by buying a bundle of patterns together. After the sale they will all be available for sale at the individual designer's shops.

Pattern details:

Size range: XXS-3XL
Inner tank designed for knit fabrics.
Outer tank can be made in knit or woven.
No trim pattern pages
Layered printing so you can print only the size you need

What I liked about this pattern:

The inner tank with the sports bra addition was a quick and easy sew. I thought the straps were going to be a pain in the butt, but they weren't. The binding did take patience, but it was worth the effort and extra pinning to get a neat finish.

What I would change about this pattern:

Nothing. Seriously. I wouldn't change a thing about this pattern. It is so versatile that you could make several tops in different fabrics and no one would notice that you were essentially wearing the same top.

The wide size range means that I can make tops for myself and my teen girls from this one pattern. The inner tank especially appealed to me for layering purposes as well as those adorable crossed straps!

Which patterns will you add to your bundle?

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