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Summer Surprise Blog Tour

I am honored to be participating in the Summer Surprise blog tour. Sofilantjes gave me a copy of this pattern to sew up. I could choose to sew a mash-up, sew it like it is written, or alter it in some way.

I chose to sew the top version in a slim size 8 (hooray for slim sizes!). I couldn't decide on what fabric I wanted to use and stood staring at my stash for quite a while, but nothing jumped out at me. Then I went to my up-cycle basket, and pulled out this adorable striped shirt. It was on sale last summer for $1 and was a size 3X. I knew it would be used for something eventually.

I was even able to use the cool bottom hem, which was a bonus, because I didn't have to actually hem the shirt AND it looks like I added a band to the bottom of the shirt. Also the 3X blouse was already sewn in the chevron pattern, so I didn't even have to figure out how to do that!

All in all the summer surprise is a really quick sew. I finished the neck and arm bindings with FOE (fold over elastic) from my stash (making it an even quicker finish).

A cute summer top for a cute summer loving girl. I love it when I make clothes that my children will actually wear. :)

In preparation of the anniversary of this pattern, the pattern has been completely updated and is being re-released in a new format. Nothing has changed about the pattern itself, just that the layout may have changed a bit. The new pattern will be automatically uploaded to your account, if you had previously purchased it from the website. If you have previously purchased a copy of the pattern from Etsy or either won or tested the pattern and would like to have the new copy, send an email to info@sofilantjes.com with proof of your original purchase. Write "summer surprise" in the subject line.

Don't forget to hop on over to Sofilantjes and buy your Summer Surprise pattern. Here is a generous 25% discount code: anniversary (only good through May 30, 2015). What will you create for your Summer Surprise?

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Don't forget to enter in the amazing giveaway for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

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