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Sewing With A Purpose (SWAP)

Looking back to 2008 shortly after I began sewing--and before I got some photography skills. This was one of the first sewing contests that I entered. We were challenged to sew a wardrobe for one of your children (or yourself) called Sewing With A Purpose--SWAP. I came in second place among all the entries, so it felt pretty good to do so well in the early stages of my sewing. Even though it wasn't first place, I still feel like I won because my daughter got a brand new wardrobe in the process, plus it really challenged me to make functional pieces that all went together not just random pieces. 

I made these sweet little mix and max pieces for Alivia's 5th birthday. Her favorites were the flare pants and the skirt. All of the patterns, with the exception of the striped t-shirt, were sewn from Farbenmix sewing patterns. The t-shirt was a Japanese pattern, the first and only one I have ever sewn. I adore Farbenmix sewing patterns. They have such a whimsical design to them and the fit is amazing. I love the European flare added to things and happened to obtain quite an impressive collection of these patterns. It's a shame that kids have to grow up and grow out of such adorable styles. One of my favorite sewing collection books of all times is called Sewing Clothes Kids Love, also written by the same designers of the Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum lines of European sewing patterns.
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