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Zonderkidz--Faith Builder Bible--A Rose Academy Review

There was great excitement in our house this month when the package containing this Bible was delivered to our house. Zonderkidz sent us the Faith Builders Bible to review. When my son first opened the Bible, he looked at all of the pictures, which are all illustrated with LEGO bricks. The illustrations are detialed and contain additional information. There are also several activity pages, which encourage using building bricks to help memorize a verse or the books of the Bible as illustrated below. I actually think this would be a really fun and simple way to memorize the books of the Bible. I may decide to incorporate this into my Sunday School class.
Pictures are scattered throughout the Bible. Each scene is illustrated with bricks and includes a brief little excerpt describing the scene or story that is pictured.
A Bible verse is also included. No building instructions are included for the illustrations, but I think creative builders could figure out how to re-create the scenes if they would like to. An excellent activity to include would be for a child to read a portion of the Bible and then illustrate the lesson they learned using LEGO bricks. Actual LEGO bricks are not necessary as any type of building brick would work, even larger bricks would be fine.
On one of the first pages of the Faith Builder's Bible is a picture of an item and then a related verse. My son started with building just one cross and then continued to build more crosses to make this scene. He copied and decorated the accompanying verse. I love the connections that he can make to this Bible simply because of his interest in LEGO.
What I really like about this Bible is how accessible it is to a variety of readers. This Bible is written in the New International Reader's Version (NIrV). This means that it uses the NIV translation but includes easier to read wording in many of the verses. I think the NIrV is an excellent choice for a child who has a desire to read the Bible, but can easily be tripped up from some of the words. At first I thought this would be like a story Bible, but it contains the entire New Testament and Old Testament not just excerpts or portions of stories. My son really treasures his Bibles, but I think this one holds a special place in his heart. I like that it allows him to be successful in reading and enjoying the Bible.
I think this Bible is an excellent addition to any home. It encourages your children to read the Bible and makes it accessible to them by using the New International Readers Version. My son has been encouraged to read his Bible more and not just to read it but to interact with it and learn life lessons and principles that will be a benefit to him in the future. It is also an encouragement to him that he can read and understand what is being said in the Bible. The colorful illustrations are an added bonus and draw some interest to certain passages or stories in the Bible that he can look up and read more about.

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