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Grapevine Studies--A Rose Academy Review

Grapevine Studies are not just for homeschoolers. These studies can be used with small groups, Sunday school classes, mixed age groups, Christian schools, and many more. Available in multi-age studies or different levels, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy this style of learning experience. (This review includes affiliate links. When you purchase items through my affiliate links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!)

Our family has had the pleasure of reviewing a product from Grapevine Studies for the past several weeks. We received the stick figure study The Resurrection. It was a meaningful study and came at the perfect time with Easter just around the corner. There are several topical studies available as well as entire surveys of the Old and New Testaments. For this review, I will be talking about the topical study, The Resurrection.
Grapevine Studies
When you order a Grapevine Study, you can choose to have the physical copy shipped to you or you can choose a digital download. As I stated in a previous review, I actually prefer a downloadable product. It is so convenient because I can download the eBooks and then print them out. If it's a longer ebook, then I just print a week or two worth of pages at a time. The Resurrection study is a seven week study, so I went ahead and printed the entire student book for each child. I saved the teacher guide on my iPhone so that I could simply read from there while teaching. 
Since three of my children completed this study together, I was able to choose the multi-age study. This study is perfect for working with all different ages of students at a time. There is also a traceable version available if you prefer that or are working with very young students.
At the very beginning of the study, the students draw the entire timeline about The Resurrection. This was a new type of Bible study for us, so my kids were really excited to keep going. We completed the timeline portion in one day. Then the weekly lessons began. Each week is set up to be the same so kids know what to expect. You can complete the portions of the lesson in four days, spreading the work out into four shorter sessions. You can also choose to complete the week's lesson in one or two longer sessions. We chose to work on a small portion each day, so we met together for about 10-15 minutes each day for four days. 

This is the way we broke up the work after the first week. 

  • Day 1: review a portion of the timeline and introduce the Bible memory verse.
  • Day 2: complete page one of the lesson--reading the listed passages in the Bible, discussing each one, drawing a stick figure picture. Review the Bible memory verses.
  • Day 3: complete page two of the lesson--reading the Bible passages, discussing them, drawing the stick figure pictures, and completing the lesson review. Review the Bible memory verses.
  • Day 4: review day--students draw their favorite portion of the lesson from the week, memory verse review--the students write or say the weeks memory verse. Discuss the review questions.
Following this schedule allowed us to complete one lesson each week. It also broke the assignment down into manageable chunks that didn't cause the kids to get lost, distracted, or bored. The lessons kept their attention really well. The drawings helped to keep their hands busy and their brains engaged the entire time.
Even though we were already familiar with the story of the resurrection from the Bible, it was very refreshing to review it with my kids. They were excited to look up each passage in the Bible and read it out loud. We took turns reading passages. They highlighted each Bible memory verse and can now look back on those verses to remember what they have learned.
One more thing that I want to touch on is the drawing portion. Don't be intimidated by the fact that you are required to draw these lessons. The drawings are all stick figures. Each drawing is clearly shown in the teacher manual. For these lessons, I drew each picture on a whiteboard and had the kids copy them into their lessons. In the Resurrection study, each time I drew Jesus, I used the color purple. Judas Iscariot was always drawn in black with lines for hair. The angel was drawn in yellow. I think this is great for showing the difference between all of the people. And I didn't even have to think of that myself, it was all included in the teacher's guide.
What Grapevine Study would you like to use with your children?
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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