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Bibles for Guys and Girls--A Rose Academy Review

My 12 year daughter and 11 year old son were so excited to receive these new Bibles in the mail. Once we received the shipping notification, they waited quite impatiently. Each time the UPS truck rolled past our house, they actually held their breath hoping it would be stopping at our house. These Bibles really are quite lovely and I appreciate the excellent quality.

Girls Slimline Bible, NLT
The cover of this Bible is actually a hard cover which is then covered with a super soft fur. The word love is traced onto the cover in bright, contrasting colors. The pages of the Bible are also colored. This Bible is written in the New Living Translation. While it isn't my very favorite translation, I appreciate that it allows my daughter to read it easily. She uses this special Bible each night as she reads her devotions. She really loves this Bible and has mentioned that to me on several occasions. When the Bible is opened, there is a bright pink page for personalizing along with a Bible verse. 

Guys Slimline Bible, NLT, TuTone
This is the guys version of the same Bible mentioned above. The cover is simply different. It is made from two colors of leather. I like the stitching and zig-zag details on this one. The words Holy Bible and NLT are engraved onto the binding. This makes it easy to find on the shelf. This is also the New Living Translation. My son is able to read it with ease, and he enjoys using his new Bible. This Bible has a bright blue cover page for personalizing and includes a verse as well. The blue on the cover page matches the blue on the front of the Bible.

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