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Science Shepherd--A Rose Academy Review

My son loves science. Me...not so much. Science is almost always the first subject he wants to do, and it's always the last one I want to tackle. Science Shepherd Introductory Science has definitely changed my attitude towards teaching science. 
Part of the curriculum is the online videos--one per day. Even the experiments and activities have video demonstrations. The videos are what makes teaching science possible for me. They are engaging and short. And I can simply watch along.
The companion to the videos is the student book. It is available in two different levels--A and B. Naturally the level A student book is for younger elementary students and doesn't require as much reading and writing. Level B is for upper elementary students, which is the product that we have reviewed.
I received a physical student book and the videos are streamed online. I do wish the student book came as a PDF download. This would be so convenient because when you first order the entire curriculum you receive access to the videos, but can't really start the program until you receive the book in the mail. A PDF download would enable the program to be started right away.
The curriculum begins with a 2 week introduction to science. These two weeks are spent learning about creation and that God's word is true. This lays a solid foundation for the rest of the weeks and it is all based on the Bible. Subsequent weeks in the program are spent touching on several science topics in the following categories: earth science, life science, and physical science. There are 35 weeks in the curriculum, enough to cover one full school year of elementary science. Students can learn together and complete projects together as they learn about a variety of science topics such as,
  • meteorology
  • geology
  • oceanography
  • plants
  • astronomy
  • underwater creatures
  • flying creatures
  • land creatures
  • human beings
  • health
  • ecology
  • natural resources
  • matter
  • energy
  • motion
  • magnets
I personally am hoping that when we complete this introductory science class that there will be a second one to follow. The instruction is excellent and the videos are interesting and not too long, which is a plus for my guy. Just enough information is given so the kids don't become overwhelmed and by the end of the year, they have a vast amount of knowledge to draw from in their future science courses.

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