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Sunya Publishing--A Rose Academy Review

Every year during the month of May, Rose Academy starts to wrap up the school year and transition to summer learning. We reduce the amount of math that we do and keep the studies in the other subjects light and mostly student lead with just a bit of review thrown in. This month we have reviewed this game from Sunya Publishing--Sunya -  The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing, ages 9+. Well that's a mouthful! This is what we received in our Sunya package: number cards, a number line chart, the Sunya intruction manual, and the math and science facts and riddles. The number cards also include a multiplication, division, and equal sign. These are used to build the multiplication and division number sentences.

To be honest, I was completely intimidated by the instruction manual that came with the game. There is so much information included that it was challenging to find the time to sit down and read through it all. Here is a hint for you--the entire manual does not need to be read before you begin playing. And the best way to learn how to play this game is to simply start playing. As you run into questions, you can look into the instruction manual and find the answers. After we played one round, we had a solid understanding of the game and were able to continue playing without problems.
It appears to me that the company is still making some decisions about this game. It seems like it has been test played in some elementary schools and the children enjoyed it very much. The instruction manual is printed mostly in gray-scale. A few pages are printed in color. Personally, I found that the pages that were printed in color were much easier for me to sift through and find the information that I needed in order to play the game. I do not know the plans that the publishers have for the instruction book, but I would love to see it printed in full color. I would also like to have access to the instruction manual as a PDF file so I could be able to view the instructions on my iPad or computer screen.
Once we really got the hang of playing the game, we were able to get into it and really do the work of multiplying and dividing. This game forces the students to think about the number sentences as a whole. They are encouraged to look at the number cards in their hands and decide how (or even if) they can work together to make a complete number sentence. It would be lovely if there were a video demonstration available online so that students and parents could see how a game is played. This would be a benefit to the players if the instruction manual seems overwhelming.
Overall we enjoyed the game while we were playing it. I really think it is a good way to practice math facts without needing to force worksheets on my children. Playing a game is always a much better way to review! Sure it takes a bit more time to play a game, but the experience is much more meaningful to the child especially if they are able to play with a parent, older sibling, or other special person in the child's life.

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