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Hidden In My Heart--A Rose Academy Review

This is a Bible that I was excited to receive. The reason it appealed to me was because the verses that are presented to memorize are offered in three different Bible translations: NLT, NIV, and KJV. This is helpful if you have a child who prefers one translation over another. Also helpful in exploring how different translations of the Bible word the same verse. It is interesting to see the small changes in wording between the translations. Also reading one translation helps with understanding another translation.

This is a softcover Bible. The entire Bible is written in the NLT. Like I said previously, the scripture memory portions are offered in 3 different translations. Using this Bible, the children will be able to memorize 100 different verses. Also helpful is that there are songs to go along with each verse. I have learned with my kids that if anything is put to music, they are able to memorize it very quickly. The songs are available as a separate download. In the front cover of the Bible the website is listed. You will need to also need to enter a unique download code. This code is also included in the front cover of the Bible--you will need to use a coin to scratch off the silver box to reveal the code. 

Each book of the Bible is introduced with a light green box. The box tells information about the book such as who wrote the book, when the book was written, and who it was written too. There is also a short paragraph describing what the book is about. 

Each scripture memory portion is also in a light green box. The reference is listed an includes a box to check when it has been memorized. 100 core verses are included to memorize along with 136 additional verses labeled as challenge verses. The front matter in the Bible gives hints for memorizing and tells the user how to use the features of the Bible. It also includes a thematic memory plan. The back matter includes a memory verse checklists, digging deeper guides for each of the core 100 verses, topical memory verse finder, and passages to memorize as well as Bible stories to know and share. The index organizes the scripture memory songs by age and by musical style.

Overall this is a very helpful tool for memorizing scripture. I am very pleased with the amount of helps included for using the Bible as well as the tips for scripture memory. Allowing children to choose which verses they would like to memorize would benefit their spiritual growth. They could be encouraged to memorize a certain amount of verses in a certain time period. There are many scripture memory plans out there. Combining the Bible memory plan with catchy tunes and the full text of the scripture enables a family to easily apply scripture memory hand in hand with Bible reading.
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