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The Wonderland Dress

I LOVE this simple, a-line shaped dress by Heidi and Finn. When asked to test the pattern, I was hesitant at first because we are actually quite busy during the week. I didn't need to worry. I sewed 2 of them quickly and easily on Sunday afternoon. It was just the therapy I needed to be able to relax from our busy schedule.

I made size 11/12 for Alexis and it's a tad long on her. She wants it shortened about 2 inches.
Alexis chose this ruffle fabric for her dress. It wasn't hard to work with, but it is quite thin and drapey.  I made a size 7 in a blue medium weight fabric for Alivia. You can see the actual shape of the dress much better in that one. Another detail that I love about this dress: the curved hem...it just adds to the simplicity of the dress which is appropriately named The Wonderland Dress.
Size 7 for Alivia. She wasn't into the photo shoot this morning because it was quite chilly!

The neckband treatment on this dress is unique and  fabulous! (And no, it's not hard to sew, either.) The instructions are well-written and extremely clear with pictures. I love how quickly this dress went together. I did not use a serger and my sewing machine worked great with the knit fabric. The dress could be beautifully embellished with some creative ideas, I just didn't have any rolling around my head at the time I was sewing it.

I had to include a picture of the back of the dress. I love the little bit of gathering on the back. Such a clever detail!

The gathering doesn't show up as much on the back of this one because of the ruffle fabric.

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