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Sugarplum Skirt

The Sugarplum Skirt (suitable for special occasion fabrics) by Tie Dye Divas is simply fabulous! I picked up the sparkly camo satin at JoAnn's. I was really only going to purchase the tulle and lining fabric for the underskirt, but when saw this camo satin I knew my 13yo NEEDED a skirt made from it!
The pattern is excellent and the instructions are well-written. Also included are step-by-step pictures which help make this skirt a success. Also included is a tip section for working with special occasion fabrics. The underskirt is sewn together as a separate skirt and has a lining to protect those legs from the scratchiness of the tulle. Brilliant! I must say how much my daughter really loves this skirt. And at 13 (almost 14) that's saying something! Now on to the pictures:

Close-up of the back elastic waist for comfort and a close fit.

Skirt front with the bow.

Skirt front without the bow. I made it re-moveable.

The underskirt provides just the right amount of "poofy-ness".

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