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Aivilo Ruffle Pants

I love making ruffle pants. There is just something about making them that is just oh so satisfying. Sewing the Aivilo Ruffle Pants, by Aivilo Charlotte Designs, is no exception. There are so many size ranges (doll included) and so many options that it could likely become your go-to pattern for boutique style pants. My favorite feature--the little band just above the ruffle, which you can see here:

These pants are flattering, roomy, and comfortable with an elastic waistband and front pockets. Definitely go by inseam length of your child so you don't end up with pants that are several inches too long or short. I made the double ruffle pants with bias tape finish. Other styles include single ruffle and pleated ruffles. You can also choose whether you want a tall or short ruffle or pleat. The directions are well-written with several pictures to help you visualize how the pants get sewn together.

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  1. LOVE!!! I made these as well and they are going to be a favorite for sure!!!! :)


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