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Cargo Pants pattern test

Seamingly Smitten Cargo Pants, size 8

Isn't this a handsome guy? Well needless to say he wasn't too thrilled about having his LEGO playtime interrupted. But I just had to! It has rained all day long here and I couldn't possibly wait to snap a picture of him in these AWESOME pants. I have found my new go-to pattern for pants for Caden.
They can also be made for girls. In fact I have a pair cut out for Alivia. I'm just waiting for the opportunity to sew them together.
I love everything about these pants. The fit is perfect. This pattern by Seamingly Smitten is available for sizes 3-6 months all the way to size 12. It's a great bargain for all those sizes. I will be making these for several years to come for my little guy. The pants feature cargo pockets on the back, front pockets, an elastic waistband, slim fit option, faux fly option, and belt loop option. 

See that orange peeking out? I lined these in orange flannel. Perfect for colder days. Now lining these pants was my own idea, so the instructions are not included in the original pattern, but it is a relatively easy thing to add a lining to these pants. You can follow these steps after you have sewn together the pants and before you attach the waistband:
1. Cut the pants front and back from flannel (or your chosen lining material).
2. Sew the lining pant legs front and back, then sew the crotch together (you can follow the same directions as in the pattern).
3. Turn the lining that you just sewed inside out.
4. Place the lining legs into the main pants legs matching the side, front, and back seams.
5. Baste the lining to the pants at the waist.
6. Continue stitching the pants together according to the instructions. 
7. Hem the pants according to the instructions. I trimmed about a half inch off of the flannel lining so that they would lay flat while turning under the hem allowance. Trimming them also ensued that the flannel was encased without any raw edges peeking out. This would be especially helpful if you wanted to roll up the bottom hem as in the above picture.

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