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Small Fry Skinny Jeans

I think I'm in LOVE!

With these fabulous skinny jeans from Titchy Threads, that is.

This is by far the most well written, detail oriented pattern I have sewn in a quite some time. This pattern is professionally drafted and expertly written. As a bonus Laura includes a print shop file that you can take to your local print shop and have them print it in large format. No more taping and cutting pattern pieces! Yay, for that bit of genius!

You want options? This pattern has plenty of options...from different pocket styles, different fly styles, buttonhole elastic for a custom fit, and, yes, even shorts!

I'll share a few pictures of my daughter wearing her skinny jeans:

 It was a cold and snowy day, so no chance that she was taking off her coat. Can't you tell she was freezing?

 I LOVE how professional the finished product is. I learned how to do flat-felled seams. OK, honestly I already *knew* how to do flat-felled seams, but I had never actually *sewn* them before. Another first for me: stitching with jeans top-stitching thread. Laura's instructions are flawless and made these two new concepts so easy for me. The best part about these jeans: they don't look handmade. They look they were purchased at a store, which I suspect has a HUGE advantage--no more forking over big bucks for skinny jeans! Shhhh...don't tell my kids my secret!


  1. They look great Linda! Your top stitching is so neat. Thanks for your help with testing.


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