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Meet a Crafty Crafter!

Hi! I'm Alexis (GRACE) that's my nickname to some...I love crafting! This craft is SUPER easy. All you need is: a papier mache letter (we got ours from Hobby Lobby), a hot glue gun, LOTS of hot glue refill sticks (we used like 18), and buttons...lots and lots of buttons. Good thing my mom likes to sew! We had plenty of buttons.
 OK...on to the craft.
First you pick your colors (of buttons). I used lots of different colors. You can use any colors you choose. So I was thinking of using JUST black, but NA!!!! who does not love colors? You just hot glue buttons of your choice onto your letter. After we got all of the buttons on we decorated the edges with RIBBON!!! (It's all hot glue worthy so we just used hot glue for it all) This part is a two woman  job, one to put the hot glue down and one to guide the ribbon into its place. We used HUGE rickrack, piping, and lace ribbon to decorate the edges. This craft is sooo much fun! (BE CAREFUL WHEN USING HOT GLUE!) 

I'd love to see your version of this! Please post in the comment box!
Happy crafting!!! --Gracie--

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