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Tulip Tunic

Do you want a quick and easy sewing project? Are you new to sewing with knits or a pro? Either way, this Tulip Tunic by Heidi and Finn fits the description. This adorable top took me less than an hour to sew. What a quick and easy way to build your child's wardrobe.

One thing that makes this such a quick sew is that it has dollman style sleeves. That means no sleeves to cut out or set in! They are attached to the bodice--a genius and simple construction technique.

Even if you are nervous to sew with knits, the instructions and pictures are terrific allowing you to be successful. My serger is out of commission for the time being (hoping for a new one soon!) and I sewed this on my regular machine using a stretch stitch.

I really love the final shirt and I can't wait to make more, but I need to stock up on knit fabric first! I made the scarf using Patty Young's book Sewing Modkid Style. I love that it matches the shirt, plus the fact that I didn't even plan it that way. It just happened!

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