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Clemence and Amour

Amour: a stylish top with a stylish collaret. I used quilting cotton for this and you can see that the collar flounces out and stands up nicely without being annoying. The back of the top closes with a ribbon that is inserted into the binding on the collar. This top could truly fit a wide variety of body types.

Clemence: shorts with a cute scalloped detail on the front. (I accidentally made them a size too big, but they are still cute and she has room to grow.) I used fine wale corduroy with a good amount of stretch for comfort. The waist is constructed with a facing so there is no waist band, but the back of the shorts have an elastic band for a comfortable fit.  A fast and easy sew. Perfect for summer.

 I think both pieces lend themselves well to a vintage look.
Both patterns can be purchased at Filles A Maman seperately or as a bundle. They are currently on sale until February 28, 2015.

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