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Swiss Army Shirt

So, my son has been asking for a muscle shirt for, well...for quite a while now. Every time we saw one in the store this summer, he begged me to buy it. Honestly I wasn't willing to plunk down my money when I knew that I could make him one. (This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are marked as such with an * following the link. If you follow these links and purchase from them, I receive a commission, which helps to support my sewing projects. Thanks! 

I haven't been testing as many sewing patterns lately, but when I saw that one of the options in the Swiss Army Shirt by Terra's Treasureswas a muscle shirt version, I knew I had to test it.

Another option is for layered long and short sleeves with a crew neck. That's the one I made here for my neice. The smallest size available is 6 months so that's why it's a bit big on her. She's just currently wearing size 3-6 months in ready-to-wear sizes, so this should fit her perfectly this winter.
 Check out the pattern and see all of the options available. You have your choice of several neckline finishes as well as long sleeves, short sleeves, layered sleeves, or muscle shirt.

I love that this shirt has side and shoulder panels. It adds an interesting detail plus allows you to customize your shirt with various fabrics and even use up some scraps. Also because of the shoulder and side panels, which call for knit fabric, you can make the front and back using woven fabric if you choose.

This shirt is perfect for up-cycling, which is what I did for both of these. I purchased the Michigan t-shirts at a rummage sale back in the summer and have been waiting for a perfect opportunity to turn them into something amazing.

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