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A Word for 2016

word of the year

Every year I like to choose a word for the year. Last year the word I chose was inspire. I thought it was a pretty decent word to basically sum up all of my hopes and desires for the year. This year I'm going with the word imagine.

Every day I need to add a little bit of imagination into our days. Sometimes our days become so full of being busy with constantly running from activity to activity that it's easy to get stuck in a rut. Even the daily chores quickly become boring and overwhelming. By taking time to imagine new possibilities, we can make even the most mundane tasks fun!

I also chose this word because I need to imagine the possibilities. Many, many times I find that I have a great idea but never follow through with it because I'm either afraid of failure or I'm afraid that I will fail in front of all my peers, and well, quite frankly, being online is not a private forum. Everyone can see what is happening including my success and my failure.

I do have some specific things that I'd like to accomplish this year AND some pretty big goals, so I'm using the word imagine to represent all I hope to accomplish this year in all areas of my life: home and family as well as work and homeschool.

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