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Green Kid Crafts

Subscription boxes are so popular right now. There are hundreds to choose from. My family was able to try Green Kid Crafts. Believe it or not this is one of the first subscription boxes I had heard about, so we were excited to try our first box out. Our first box contained experiments and crafts based on volcanoes. The box subscription states that the projects and crafts are appropriate for ages 3-10, but three of my own kids ages 10-14 really enjoyed the projects. (I am an affiliate for Green Kid Crafts. If you purchase through any of my affiliate links, either in this post, or elsewhere on my blog, I earn a small percentage of the sale. Thanks!)

When our Green Kid Crafts box arrived, we enjoyed looking through all of the components. In total there were six different activities. Each activity was packaged in its own zip top bag with instructions. Some of the packages had an alternate or additional experiment, project, or educational information on the back of the instructions page. Also included is a chart so that you can track your progress with the included sticker from each box. An extra bit of motivation for the kids plus waiting for mail is just oh, so much fun!
Lexi worked on the volcano project. Even though this is a project that we have done before, she still enjoyed playing with the components and creating her own volcano. The kit included everything needed to make a volcano--model magic, lava rocks, volcano cup, and baking soda. We supplied the vinegar, dish soap, and food coloring. 
Alivia worked on the excavation kit. This was a pretty cool kit. The little excavation tools that came with it were fun to use and she worked diligently until the gems were unearthed. It was a pretty nice surprise what she ended up finding buried in there. Also included was a little pamphlet that told about what each stone or gem was that was embedded in the plaster.

Caden worked on the art project. This was a fun thing that we had never done before (mostly because I don't like messy projects) but he enjoyed it. The kit included plenty of extra paint and it would be easy to recreate several splatter paintings for cards or just for fun to hang around the house. Also included was information about an artist and abstract painting. There was another little project which included geodes to break apart and crystals to make, but we didn't get a chance to complete those yet.

Have you tried any subscription boxes? Take a look at the Green Kid Crafts website for more information and to see if these monthly boxes would be right for your family.

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I am an affiliate for Green Kid Crafts. I was not required to share my experience with my readers and I would never recommend a product that I myself didn't use and love. It is your responsibility to thoroughly check if a product is right for your family along with all costs and fees associated with that product. I shared my opinion in this post and how the projects worked for us. This post includes affiliate links. When you purchase products by using my links, I earn a portion of the sale, which helps support my sewing and blogging efforts. Thank you for reading my blog!

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