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Sew Yourself Some Love

This month I sewed for myself. Like I've said before, I don't really love sewing for myself, but I think as I've gotten more practice and become more confident, I may need to sew more for myself!

I chose to sew 2 patterns from Terra's Treasures--the Harbor hoodie and the Portlander pants. Her patterns are always well-drafted and include easy to follow instructions. Plus she offers modern style as well as timeless designs. I can see myself sewing a couple more of each item, with each one being unique.

Let's talk about fit for a minute. I think the reason I've always shied away from sewing for me is because of fit issues. I'm short vertically challenged, so usually when I sew something, it ends up way too long and looks sloppy and over-sized. I made some really easy adjustments to the Harbor hoodie and ended up with a really good fit. I'll be blogging about how to shorten a pattern next month. Overall I'm happy with my adjustments and saved my pattern pieces to make a second one. 
My hoodie is made out of sweater fleece that I found at JoAnn's. I'm a sucker for anything polka dot. The sweater fleece has a nice amount of stretch and I like that it looks and feels like a sweater. The lining is a whimsical bit of fabric that I found. I think it adds a nice accent to my mostly neutral wardrobe. I'm trying to step away from the black, brown, and gray colors and add some brighter pops of color here and there. I lined only the bodice and hood with the pink stripe fabric.
I think the Harbor Hoodie would make a lovely outerwear jacket. It is roomy enough to wear over a long sleeve top and I can definitely see some possibilities for converting this to a coat with some interlining and a wind or water proof outer layer.
Moving onto the Portlander pants. When I first cut out the paper pattern, I also shortened the pants, but before I cut out my fabric, I just kept thinking that they looked like they were going to be way too short for me. So I undid the adjustments and made them full length. Let's just say that I ended up cutting off that 3 inches before hemming the pants.
The pants are made out of a lovely french terry that I found at my local JoAnn's. I also made the waistband from french terry instead of the recommended ribbing. I like the pants, and they really are so comfy. In fact they are so comfy that I may or may not have worn them to bed a couple of times. (I received these patterns for free in order to participate in this blog tour. I wasn't required to write a positive blog post about it, nor was I required to share about the pattern on social media. I only share with my readers those products and services that I love.)

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