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A Treasure Concealed book review

I recently received a brand new book by Tracie Peterson. When I saw this book on the review list, I hurried to respond and asked for a physical copy. And I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email about a week later that I would be receiving a physical copy of the book in the mail. I actually prefer a physical copy of a book to read for a couple of reasons. One is that I like to hold the book in  my hands and be able to flip through chapters or read ahead. :) Another reason is that I tend to forget about a book when it is locked away in my Kindle app or whatever other app I may have a book in. Also I feel like I look at a screen enough during the day, that reading a physical book is a nice break.

This book came in the day before I had planned to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge. Pefect timing! I would have something new and interesting to read while the kids swam and played! Of course I spent my fair share of the time riding slides and dipping in the wave pool too, but it was nice to be able to relax and read something just for fun too.

A Treasure Concealed is the newest novel out by Tracie Peterson. I have read several books by her in the past and have not been disappointed. The book is set during the gold rush. Of course the cast of characters includes several good-hearted, God-honoring people along with several mischief seekers. And we can't forget the sweet Emily Carver, who lives on a gold claim with her father and ailing mother. Try as he might, Emily's father panned just enough gold to barely survive the harsh winter, but nothing more except for these pesky blue rocks that were seemingly everywhere. Of course when Caeden Thibault is introduced to the plot, we can predict how things will turn out, but through one twist of fate and another, things do not go as planned--fire, a brutal attack, a pushy business partner, and an angry brother keep the reader guessing at what will happen next and whether or not Emily and Caeden will ever see each other again. 

One point that I really appreciated in this novel is the way that God's plan of salvation was presented. It was presented a couple of times through conversations of both Emily and Caeden with their pastor friend. Of course both Emily and Caeden come to realize that they just because their mothers were Christians doesn't automatically make both of them Christians. They need to claim Christ on their own. 

This book was an inspiring read with just enough mystery to keep it interesting. Of course I wasn't able to finish the entire book in the few days that we were gone, but I was able to quickly finish it up and pass it along to be a blessing to someone else.

This book is marked as book 1 in the series called Sapphire Brides. I'm looking forward to book 2. I do wonder if future books will focus on Emily and Caeden or one of the other families living in their area.
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