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FishFlix.com--A Rose Academy Review

FishFlix.com is your source for Christian DVDs for the entire family--children's movies, family friendly movies, romance, documentaries, Biblical movies. It really is overwhelming how many DVDs are available to purchase including many new releases. Fishflix.com is not a subscription service, rather you can simply go to their website to purchase good quality movies for entertainment purposes without needing to worry about content issues. I found that the prices on many of the DVDs that I would like to purchase were not overly expensive compared to current trends in media. Next on my wishlist is War Room and Woodlawn. Although I could honestly place at least 15 more on my short list of movies that I want to see.
FishFlix.com Review

I received the movie Agenda 2:Masters of Deceit for my family to review. This DVD contains several topics that I have been reading about recently and have been seeking discernment regarding them. So this DVD came at a really good time. At first I was a bit hesitant to watch it because I was afraid it would be alarming, but in reality the DVD contained much information that I have already learned about in my research.
FishFlix.com Review
This film is very well researched and gives an honest view at the Christian state of America today. Of course some of the things mentioned were eye-opening for sure. However many of the items on this agenda were really not so new. We have all heard about them over time. I have discussed several of these topics with my children on different occasions. They came in and out of the room watching clips of the video with me. While some of it was over their heads, I was able to at least explain some of it to them. It's important for children to be aware of what is going on in the world around them, not to scare them, but to inform them.

Some topics that were discussed in the DVD include:
  • economic crisis
  • common core education
  • the rise of Islam
  • manipulation of the church
  • unsustainable debt burden
  • climate change
Really I think many Christians have been deceived and have their guard down. Viewing this DVD will help them to learn the truth behind these many enemies of America. I appreciated at the end of the movie, they shared some ideas and ways that Christians can make an impact not just in their communities but also in the world. We desperately need to be a light to our communities and those around us. We need to wake up from our trance and speak up and share the truth of God's word to the world.

Filmed in a conversational tone that is not judgmental allows the viewer to absorb the information and process the truth behind the issues that are pressing us as Americans today. The only way that America will remain great is for us to exercise our freedoms and fight for the rights that we currently possess. 

My readers are invited to enter to win a 5-Movie prize pack from FishFlix.com (an $80 value). To enter the drawing simply join the FishFlix.com email list at this link here: https://www.fishflix.com/schoolhouse.
Which movie are you looking forward to viewing with your family?

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