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Duds for Dudes Blog Tour

My son has been asking for a satchel since he was 5. He's 11. It's high time I stopped putting off his request. While he didn't exactly receive a satchel, this is probably better than what he requested since he can use it and keep his hands free.

When this blog tour opportunity came up, I jumped on the chance for a few reasons:
  1. I seldom sew for my son. Not that I don't want to. It's just challenging to make the time when there are so many other projects that need to be done.
  2. Sewing for boys tends to be "boring" when compared to the ruffles and frills that can be made for girls.
  3. It's very hard, like really, really challenging, to find fabric for boys that isn't baby-ish or "girly" looking. Usually I have just a few options: camo, denim, or flannel. See what I mean? Not exactly exciting. I mean how many pairs of camo pants does one guy need?
I've had the Two Pretty Poppets Little Freehand Pack in my pattern stash for a few months. I purchased it when it was first released and the sale price was just too good of a bargain to pass up. I knew I would sew it...eventually.

And then as I was browsing the Mabel Madison website, lo and behold, I found the PERFECT fabric: not too baby-ish, definitely not "girly" and the best thing--it isn't camo! (Nothing against camo, but enough is truly enough.) This was my first time sewing with Stenzo poplin, which is a truly wonderful and versatile woven fabric. I chose the Auto Parts in blue and a coordinating print called Pit Stop--also in blue.

The Little Freehand Pack pattern can be made as a fanny pack style of pouch that belts around the waist. Options include a backpack style and a cross-body style. The inside can be sewn as one large compartment or with a divider to make 2 smaller compartments for keeping little treasures in their own places. We opted for one large compartment for storing tools and equipment while playing on adventures around the house. I like that he used the belt part to clip on his walkie-talkie and flashlight pen.

Sewing for boys isn't boring. In fact it's quite enjoyable especially when you know that the recipient will be pleased with the finished product. AND that he will use it daily.

What are you planning to sew for the boys in your life?

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And don't forget to visit all of the blogs on this tour! Check in each day on the Mabel Madison blog for links to all the participating blogs.

A huge thank you to Mabel Madison for providing me with my choice of up to one yard of fabric for this tour! I chose a half yard each of the two different fabrics, which I linked in my above post. I wasn't required to leave a positive review, but I really do love the fabrics that I chose and I love my finished product that I made using them!

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