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New Muscle Shirt Upcycle Project

I love a good upcycle project, don't you? I took this Michigan Football t-shirt and turned it into a cool muscle shirt for my son. (This post contains affiliate links. When you follow these links and purchase through them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks!) The pattern is the Swiss Army Shirt from New Horizons Patterns. I blogged about a similar shirt before. I really love this pattern because of how quick and easy it is to sew! And the pattern is perfect for upcycling. I especially enjoy the side panels. It's a great excuse to add some contrast into the shirt. This pattern is perfect for boys, but don't forget to make some for all the girls in your life too!

Options available in this shirt:

  • 3 sleeve styles: muscle, short, long, layered
  • woven fabric can be used for some parts of the shirt
  • crew neck, polo, henley
  • military style details
  • upcycle friendly
  • size 6-12 months thru size 16
It's probably the only t-shirt pattern you will need for the boys you sew for (girls too for that matter)!

My son is modeling the size 12. I probably could have made him a size 10, but I wanted him to wear it for the entire summer and then into the fall. And since he's been growing so fast lately, I figured I had better go with the 12. He wears this one all the time. I definitely need to make more for the summer since it is such a quick sew.

What New Horizons Patterns have you sewn? I'd love to see what you have made.

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