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The Atonement--A Bethany House Book Review

I have always love reading the Amish fiction books by Beverly Lewis. I really appreciated being able to review her newest book, The Atonement, through Bethany House blogger program.

This book is set in Lancaster County where Lucy Flaud lives with her family. Lucy is 25 years old and her parents fear that since she is well beyond courting age, she will be a lonely maid, never married. Lucy spends the majority of her time volunteering. She volunteers in both plain and fancy communities. Along the way she meets many friends, including an Englisher named Dale. Dale helps Lucy while she attempts to help her young homeless friend Kiana find a job as well as a place to live. As time progresses, her parents become concerned that maybe their Lucy is spending a bit too much time with the Englisher. Lucy is ultimately afraid to date an Englisher because of the secrets from her past that she is hiding. She is attempting to atone for her sins by keeping so busy and doing so much volunteer work. Her busy-ness and her past cause her to push away many of her family members as well as one of her best friends, Tobe Glick. As time passes, Lucy realizes that she needs to truly repent of her sins and put the past behind her. In the mean time, Tobe and his family are planning to move to Colorado.

I did enjoy reading this book, but it simply wasn't one of my favorites written by Beverly Lewis. It wasn't until the last third of the book that I really started getting into the story. I always do enjoy reading about the Amish and their customs and culture. This book provides a good insight into the way of the Amish. I find it interesting how the Amish live their lives and usually become caught up in wondering what it would be like to live in an Amish community. In this novel, Lucy realizes that she must stop dwelling on the past, and allow God to have full control of her life. She realizes that volunteering will only fill the void for a short time. After that she must fully repent of her past. Once she has fully repented, only then will God be able to use her and bless her life.
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