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Kwik Stix--A Rose Academy Review + Giveaway

When I first had the opportunity to try Kwik Stix 12 pk from The Pencil Grip, Inc. solid tempera paint sticks, I wasn't really too excited. But I went ahead and chose these  because my 14yo, who loves to paint, was especially excited about them. 
The day our Kwik Stix arrived, they were immediately put to use. Pages and pages of paintings were made, all with no paint brushes and no water and, most importantly, no mess! We also received a really cool, squishy pencil grip. My son took that right away and used it for his school work.
Our set of paints came with 12 no-mess colors. The paints are contained in small containers that remind me of a glue stick. I was pleased with the brilliance and variety of the colors. I was especially impressed with how quickly the paints dried once they were layered onto the paper. I was also encouraged at how bright the colors remained once they were dried. What I really like best about these paints is that they can be used like markers. This makes it nice for kids who are intimidated by using a paint brush. The container allows them to have the same control they would have if they had a marker in their hands.
All four of my kids used these paints. Even my 16 year old, who took the set with her into her bed at night to paint in her Bible journal. I wasn't the least bit concerned about her using the paints in her bed simply because they are truly not messy! I did caution her that since she was using them on the pages of her Bible, that she might not be pleased with the results, but since these markers dry super quick they didn't bleed through the pages. She did make some really nice artwork in her Bible journal.
The tip on these is wide. So while there is more control while using these instead of a paintbrush, it is harder to get some detail in the pictures. Layering paints also wasn't a problem because they dry so quickly.
We did try to use these paints in a specific project which called for craft acrylic paint, but we found that since these are tempera paint, they didn't have quite the finish that we were looking for in the art project. 
These paint sticks would be perfect for all ages, and I even had fun joining in on some painting sessions. Also available are metallic paints and neon paints. They also offer a huge class pack for use in a classroom setting.
Kwik Stix has generously allowed me to offer to give away a Kwik Stix 12 pk in assorted colors for the readers of my blog. 

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