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Without a Trace--Book Look blogger review

We recently received a new book from the Book Look Blogger list. Right away my 14 year old got to work reading this one. 
Without a Trace is the newest book in the faith girlz collection and is written by Robin Caroll and published by Zonderkidz. This happens to be book 4 in the Samantha Sanderson series. There are 18 chapters in the book and the book is a fairly quick and easy read. 

This is what my 14 year old has to say about this book:

I really enjoyed this book! I'll tell you a little about the book: Samantha Sanderson, who also goes by Sam, loves to sleuth and search for clues and help solve mysteries. Her parents have pretty cool jobs. Her dad is a detective, and her mom is a journalist. One day, her friend, Tam Lee, mysteriously goes missing. His mother swears she dropped Tam off at school the morning he went missing. Immediately they involved the police, and soon everyone was helping to search for Tam Lee. The authorities think that Tam is just another teen runaway, but Sam knows her friend better than that. With help from her closest friend, Makayla, Sam begins to uncover clues about Tam's disappearance that even the police don't find. I won't spoil the whole book by telling you whether or not Tam gets found. That's for you to find out when you read this awesome book. (I can tell you it does turn out good in some ways.) I really suggest picking up a copy for yourself and reading it for yourself.  

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