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101 Ways to Have Fun--A Rose Academy Review

101 Ways to Have Fun is just that...a TON of ways to have fun. These ideas are compiled into one full color book compiled from the editors of Faithgirlz and Girls' Life magazine. This soft cover book has ways to have fun alone or with your friends. My 13 year old enjoyed reading this book and came up with some awesome ideas for her and her friends to do. She even followed one of the ideas and set up a rummage sale with her siblings to earn a little bit of spending money for camp.

 There are 9 chapters in the book. Each one has a different theme:

  • Just for Y-O-U
  • Have a blast with your BFF
  • Friend zone
  • Mini makeovers
  • Super sleepovers
  • Throw the best bash
  • Fun ways to make $ fast
  • Get active
  • Get crafty
Each chapter has 6-10 activities to try--quizzes, crafts, ideas.  All supplies are listed and includes tips and variations for success. Each activity also includes a time limit so if you can budget your time.

Each activity shows some girls actually doing the projects and includes full color photos. This is a book that tween and teen girls will enjoy.

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