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FlipStir Puzzles--A Rose Academy Review

We have been pleased to try out a new kind of puzzle this month. This self contained puzzle was created by Enlivenze LLC. We received one FlipStir Puzzle--Statue of Liberty. There are currently 5 puzzle choices with 2 levels of difficulty. Level 1 puzzles have pieces with straight edges and level 2 puzzles have wavy edge pieces. Level 1 puzzles include Rainbow Pencils and T-Rex. Level 2 puzzles include Statue of Liberty, Solar System, and Periodic Table of Elements.

We have had many fun and challenging moments trying to solve this puzzle. It's not as easy as it looks. Several times I found myself wanting to take the entire container apart and just solve it with my hands! But the containers do not come apart--you are supposed to solve the puzzle with the wand.
FlipStir is a self contained three dimensional puzzle that you solve using your hands and your brain. Since it is a self contained puzzle there are not lost puzzle pieces (can I get an amen?) and there are no difficult rules to remember. It's simple. Shake. Stir. Solve. The small size of the puzzle makes it perfect to take along on a plane or car ride. It would also be easy to keep in your bag to pull out at appointments or to keep hands busy while their brain is fully engaged.
After several tries by everyone in the family, we were finally able to put the statue of liberty together. But she didn't stay together very long before someone shook it up again.

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