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Foreign Language for Kids--A Rose Academy Review

My son has really enjoyed working through Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Starter Set 1. The program includes a very high quality, engaging, and entertaining DVD set of videos. All of the actors in the videos are children. This program was truly created by kids and for kids.

Lesson 1 on the DVD begins with some simple in flight instructions. I love that the entire program is themed around taking an international flight. Each level lands the students in the capitol city of a Spanish speaking country. The DVD lessons are the "in flight videos" and the workbooks and teacher's guides are the in flight magazines in the seat pocket in front of the passenger. Genius!
The teacher's guide clearly walk the teacher through which section of the video to watch during each lesson. I accidentally let my son watch the entire first video in the first lesson. We were all totally interested, and we had such a great time trying to figure out what the Spanish words meant in the video. The video is entirely in Spanish. This reminds me of an immersion type of program. 
Because of the way the videos are written, we were able to figure out all of the Spanish words. The Spanish words and their English translations are also listed in each lesson of the teacher guide, but it is suggested that you don't tell the students the direct translation so they can do the figuring out on their own. I actually think if they figure it out on their own, they will remember it much better.
Included in the starter set that we received: 

  • Level 1: Basketballs aren't for Breakfast--student workbook plus teacher's guide
  • Level 2: The Little Magic House--student workbook plus teacher's guide
  • Level 3: The Little Magic House part 2--student workbook plus teacher's guide
  • Go Squish game
  • Spanish stickers
  • Flashcards to go with each of the above levels
  • DVD with all 3 levels of videos

One thing we didn't receive but that I think looks very interesting is the DiceOff game. I love to play games to aid in learning. I was able to get a hands on look of this game at our local homeschool convention and I was really excited about the game. This is definitely on my wishlist!
The workbook activities are short and easy to complete. Many of the pages are facts to read about the country you are currently visiting. There are also simple activities to complete in certain lessons. During the course of a level, the student will watch the video several times. At first they just begin by watching a segment of the video, but as you work through the level, they eventually watch the entire video. Repetition aids retention.
Stickers! The stickers are a really lovely way to cement those Spanish words. At first I was afraid to let him put these stickers all over the house. We all know what a PAIN it is to remove that icky residue that they leave behind. I'm pleased to report that the stickers are not permanent and they are removed easily from the surface. I'm so thankful that the creators of this program thought that through! It's funny where my son chose to put some stickers. He placed the "me gusta" sticker on his Spanish workbook and "no me gusta" above the sink because he doesn't like to wash the dishes.

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