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DIY Wool Dryer Balls

And it was SO easy!

I have wanted some wool dryer balls for a few years now, but they were quite honestly pretty low on the buying priority list, what with the cost and all. And because I didn't love the idea of using dryer sheets, we just put nothing in the dryer when we dry our clothes. But, oh, the static! Especially in the winter when we dry the towels.

And now I'm so proud of my dryer balls. Even prouder that I made them! I'm totally addicted now, and since it was so easy to do I want to make more and give them as Christmas gifts. (Sorry family if you are reading this...) Wouldn't you love to make your own dryer balls too? It's so much fun, and therapeutic in some ways. I found the instructions in an ebook that I purchased: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes by Heather Dessinger at Mommypotamus. 
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This ebook is filled with 50 all-natural toxin-free recipes that really work. 

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Over time, I've been slowly but surely making small changes in the products that we use in our home. I want to be able to have a chemical free home so that my family can be as healthy as they possibly can. It's hard to break the habits that I have been doing for years. Well, now I'm working on changing those habits. Slowly. So very slowly. But by making one simple change at a time, it's slowly coming together. My kids are beginning to think in terms of chemical free. Even my husband is willing to try a chemical free product now and then!

When I first began my journey almost 5 years ago into a greener lifestyle, it wasn't easy. Information wasn't easy to find. Sure, I could find a random recipe on the internet, but I had no way of knowing if the source was reputable, or if the end results would actually work. Many of the things that I tried were simply a result of trial and error. And most of the time, I didn't like the end product. I dumped several experiments in the garbage. I knew there had to be a better way. And there is!

Have you ever made your own toothpaste? Me either. And this is one of the last areas that I ever really felt like I needed to make a change. I was completely happy with my store-bought toothpaste thank you very much. 
DIY dental Care eCourse by Kari Newsom and Spark Health. She seriously made making the toothpaste seem so very simple. AND she explained the importance of each ingredient so thoroughly that it actually made sense. I'm inspired to make my own toothpaste now. And not just toothpaste either. I think I will actually try the mouthwash as well! The videos are so helpful for step-by-step guidance, and the recipes are included as a download as well. 

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