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Getting Started With French--A Rose Academy Review

Having high school students means learning a foreign language. Of course it's all fun and games in elementary school when learning a foreign language, but in high school they need that language for credit. My oldest daughter wanted to learn French in 9th grade. Unfortunately Getting Started with French by Armfield Academic Press wasn't available then, but now that my next two are ready for a foreign language, this book came at the perfect time for them to use it. 
Introducing Getting Started with French {Armfield Academic Press}
First of all I want to say that as a homeschool mom of four kids, I really appreciate that this book is self-taught. All of the instruction is directly in the book. The child reads the instructions and practices the new words. They complete the exercises and are able to check their work in the back of the book. The lessons are not overly long. In the beginning I think the lessons take 5-10 minutes. As the lessons progress they get somewhat longer. I allowed my girls to complete as many lessons as they want to in one day, but they are only required to do one. I actually think it is better to one short lesson at a time. It gives the brain time to process the new information.

Unlike some computer or DVD based programs with flashy colors, exciting games, and engaging activities, this book seems like it would be boring. That is not the case. This book contains just the right amount of instruction in order to explain what is new and help the student understand. Also included are some files that you can download at the website (information is given in the book). Each lesson includes a pronunciation file--the correct pronunciation is spoken by a native French speaker. Each lesson also includes a commentary on the new instruction learned in the lesson. Both files are helpful for each lesson. 

Both of my girls who use this book really enjoy it. It doesn't take a lot of their time, and I can trust that because of the pronunciation and commentary files that they are learning to pronounce things correctly. Just today one of my girls proudly read the practice sentences to me correctly and was able to translate them for me so I knew what she was saying. I'm so glad that this resource is now available to us to give my girls a solid foundation in beginning to learn the French language.

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