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I've been working through some business training the past few months. These quotes from the book (affiliate link) Gameplan by Sarah Harnisch are SO inspirational to me. I think it's pretty cool that they really can apply to all aspects of life too--not just business. So here is some encouragement for you today. I made these because I need these constant reminders. Hoping that by keeping these in front of my face every day, I'll remember them and apply them to my life.
Every time I hear this phrase, I start thinking about the Toby Mac song, Speak Life, in fact those words start rolling around in my head. But really it's just so true! Speak life over yourself, not death. Be positive and optimistic. Words have the power to change your life or the lives of others. What are you using your words for?
 I think at some point, everyone falls into the comparison trap. I had so much trouble with this in high school and college. Now I struggle with mommy comparison, or even worse, I compare my homeschool everyone else's homeschool. This reminder is especially for ME. Stop comparing yourself to others! You are where God wants you to be at this point in your life. He will equip you for what He wants you to accomplish, but you have got to stop comparing yourself with others and accept where you are. Improve areas that need to be improved. Most importantly, be you, don't try to be someone else.
 So true! Anything done in our own power becomes pretty useless. I've been working on this aspect of my life too. I need constant reminders to ask God for favor over not only my business but also over my home, my family, and my talents.
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Fleece Fun Guest Post

Today I'm over at Fleece Fun with a super fun tutorial for an 18 inch doll. It would make a great Christmas gift, and it's quick and easy to sew too! So head on over there and check it out!
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Gifts for Creative Kids

I love shopping for gifts for my kids! I search all year for just the right thing for each one. Occasionally I have a child that it is just too hard to choose what to get, or they just want money. I like to give thoughtful and meaningful gifts to everyone. I have compiled a list of gifts for creative kids. I even want some of these for myself!
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Kwik Stix
Ok, these have to be my very favorite way for kids to paint. EVER. As a former art teacher, I almost always dreaded pulling out the paints because...mess! These have effectively solved the mess problem. No need to get out cups of water only to have them slosh all over the table drenching the papers nearby. Simply setting these paints out on the table begs kids to begin creating. Oh, and they are now available at Target. Or you can order them online. My kids were excited to receive the metallix and neons sets from the Kwik Stix company to test just for this post. I was more than happy to include them in this gift guide since we already owned the original 12 set of colors from a previous review.

Gift card to craft store--Michael's, Hobby Lobby
Because what creative kid wouldn't love a shopping spree to their favorite craft store? My hand is raised here too! This one is especially appropriate if you don't know exactly which craft supplies they need. Choose a gift card and they can help themselves. I really prefer to give a gift though, so a gift card is usually a last resort (or last minute) for me.

Subscription box
Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. Purchase a subscription box and every month the recipient will receive a new kit based on their own likes. And since subscription boxes are so popular now, you can choose from almost any theme, from make up, to science experiments, to art projects, it seems like the sky is the limit here!

Sewing machine
Any budding sewer would love to have their own sewing machine. It doesn't need to be a fancy machine. A simple, easy to use machine would be perfect for someone just learning the basics. I recommend this Janome machine for beginners. Don't forget to include a little sewing kit or some new scissors. A gift card to buy some fabric would be welcome too!

Craftsy class voucher
Craftsy happens to be my favorite online learning platform. There are so very many classes to choose from in all different craft areas including photography, sewing, and cake decorating, but you also should check out their offerings for woodworking, crochet, and general cooking classes. I have taken several classes and found that the teaching is so excellent. That reminds me, I have a crochet project that I should pull out now that the weather is turning cooler. That's a project that can keep you warm while you work on it!

OK I will admit that at first I wasn't super excited about Creativebug, but now that I've really dug into it, I love it! There are so many how to videos available and the membership site is definitely worth the $5 cost per month. Also you get to choose one class to keep each month--even if you cancel your membership. It's worth it. Of course the classes are shorter than other similar sites, but the instruction is excellent. One of my favorite classes that I watched was about making your own beauty products.

Books about sewing
This could be a good option for almost anyone. I know I love to get new books related to my favorite hobby of sewing. So if you know a budding sewer, try one of these books to give them a bit of inspiration. I know I still refer often to a quilting book that my mom bought be many years ago.

What would you add to this list?
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Super Hero Mask

Have you ever needed a last minute project? I don't typically sew on the fly, but this time I just had to make an exception. My kids were getting ready to go "trunk or treating" with their cousin. My son said to me, "Mom, I really wish you would make me a super hero mask." I sent my 16yo to JoAnn's to get some felt (it's super nice to have an extra driver in the family now). By the time she was home with the supplies, I had the pattern printed and cut out.  
The rest of the project was a simple matter of cutting out the felt and sewing the mask together. It was really, really easy to sew. And he had a mask in less than 15 minutes. As payment for making the mask for him, he agreed to be photographed. And I think he even had fun doing that!
The mask attached with a piece of elastic. There is an option in the pattern to make masks out of cardboard. I think this would be a great idea for a kid's craft project at a party. In fact I even tried to talk my son into that idea, but he really wanted a sewn mask. I love quick and easy sews that make boys happy!
(This post uses affiliate links. When you use my affiliate links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks!)
You can purchase this pattern at UpCraft Club. If you make a super hero mask, I'd love to see it!

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Physics 101--A Rose Academy Review

Physics, Chemistry & Biology 101 {The 101 Series}
The 101 Series has always provided excellent science DVD's. Physics 101 is no exception. My high school students are currently using Biology 101 this year. Last year my oldest daughter used the Chemistry 101 discs for her chemistry class. When the opportunity came to review the Physics 101 program, of course I was thrilled at the opportunity. These are all excellent programs to use a supplement to any curriculum. They are appropriate for all ages--even my middle school son has enjoyed watching some of the clips. 


3 Seeds

Commissioned {Chara Games}
Commissioned {Chara Games}
3 Seeds  is another game sent to us by Chara Games. You can read my previous review about their first game, Commissioned. This is a game that is very simple to learn and easy to play. It is rated for ages 12 and up and can be played with 2-5 players, but I definitely think a younger player could play successfully alone if they understand some of the strategy OR with an adult or teen partner.