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9 Ways to Get Out of a Sewing Slump

Have you ever gotten to a point in your craft when the creative juices just stop flowing? Or when you just didn't feel like doing it anymore? I find myself going through times like this. Times when I just feel bored with sewing. Or I simply just don't know what to make. Uninspired. Disinterested. Unenthusiastic. When I find myself in this slump of "I want to sew, but I don't know what to sew or where to start". Here are some ideas to spark your imagination and help you get back to sewing!

9 Ways to Get Out of a Sewing Slump:

1. Browse Pinterest 
I love to browse through Pinterest. So many ideas and visually appealing ideas. But I can get lost on Pinterest also! I have to set a time limit with reminders to stop looking. Otherwise I find myself overwhelmed and discouraged.

2. Visit the fabric store--brick and mortar or online
Our city hosts several fabric stores. And within about an hour drive, I can quickly arrive at a couple of fantastic boutique fabric stores, which have the fabric that I really want. Browsing online is also fun, but there is just nothing like touching the fabric in person.

3. Invest in a new project
Maybe you just need to purchase the supplies to try a new project. Just a few months ago, I was stuck and didn't know what to do. The newest issue of One Thimble hit the shelves and I was inspired to try making a quilt. That was a fun new experience and I actually enjoyed browsing through the selection of batting and other quilting notions at my local store.

4. Attempt a never-tried-before technique
With so many avenues of sewing out there, it's often fun to try something totally different. Free motion applique has become rather popular. I purchased a free motion foot for my machine and am waiting for the right opportunity to try it out. I'm sometimes intimidated of trying new things because I'm afraid of messing up or destroying something. But I have to remind myself...it's just fabric.

5. Scout out a new pattern or tutorial
OK. This is what usually inspires me to get out of my sewing slump. I love seeing all the new designs available. Designers are staying quite busy and there is nothing more exciting to me that being able to purchase a new pattern, print it out right away, and get started with a new project. Maybe you don't want to spend money buying a new pattern. Try an online tutorial. There are many to choose from.

6. Sew something easy
Sometimes we sewers get in a rut of always sewing the most challenging projects. This past weekend I made a pair of pajama shorts for my 15yo. It was an easy project. I probably could have made them in my sleep, but it was an enjoyable project that didn't cost me too much brain power and left me room to think about other things while sewing.

7. Get a new sewing gadget or tool
I'm most excited about my most recent purchase: a tailor's clapper. This pressing tool has taken my sewing from pretty good to professional. Pressing is the single most important step in sewing to get professional results. I also am excited about an order I just placed on Amazon for some wonder clips and a pressing ham--another tool I thought was reserved for tailors only.

8. Take a sewing class--online or in person
Have you ever wanted to learn something but didn't know where to start? How about signing up for a sewing techniques class at your local fabric store? I personally prefer the idea of taking a class in the comfort of my own home. Craftsy is my choice when it comes to online classes because once you purchase a class, it is yours forever and you can access it on your time and watch as many times as necessary. I'm waiting on my denim fabric to arrive so I can start making my own custom jeans while following along in the Sewing Designer Jeans class.

9. Take a break
This past summer, I had all these fantastic plans for sewing and getting so much accomplished behind the scenes here at Sew Happily Ever After, but God had other plans. I ended up working at a summer program three days a week. And the other days of the week were devoted to recovering from being gone from home for those 3 days. All of my plans for sewing (and blogging, as well as homeschool planning) were put on the back-burner for the summer. However it seems like that short break was actually what I needed. Once my commitment to my job was over, I found myself eager to get back to my sewing, blogging, and homeschool planning.

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