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So You Want to Design Your Own Sewing Patterns?

Pattern Workshop is on sale! I started this course about 3 months ago. Designing pdf patterns is one of my sewing goals for this year. This course has so much information and is very thorough and complete. I have learned a so much--including how to use Illustrator and inDesign. I really love both of these products, not to mention the entire Creative Cloud and all of its parts. (This post contains affiliate links. By using my affiliate links, I earn a small portion of the sale which helps me continue creating awesome stuff for my family.)

Lauren does a fantastic job of teaching you how to draft your patterns in Illustrator. If you can draft a pattern piece on paper, you can learn how to do it in Illustrator. It is relatively easy to draft a pattern in your size (or the size of your child) and then print it out. 

I still have much to learn though and even have several patterns in the works. Just need to sit down and really focus on writing the instructions and grading them into their different sizes.

But I have made several things for myself and the kids, written a tutorial or two, and am also working on a few homeschool printables. I think I have some sort of ADD going on because whenever I sit down to work on one project another one pops into my head and I have trouble completing any of them!

Take a look at Pattern Workshop and let me know what you think. If you want this course, then you should definitely go for it now while it's on sale! 

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This post may contain affiliate links. By using my affiliate links, I earn a small commission which helps me continue sewing cool stuff for my family. I would never recommend something that I wouldn't be interested in myself. Thank you for supporting my site!

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