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7 Gifts for the Sewing Enthusiast

Do you need to purchase a gift for a sewer in your life? I've compiled here a list of my favorite sewing related items that would be perfect for that last minute sewing gift.(Some links are affiliate links and will be marked as such with an *)

1. Windy-city Bags: 12 Handbags and Totes Sewn With Structure and Style* by Sara Lawson. This book was just released on December 1. It's sure to be on the top of the wish list for any bag maker. 

2. Membership to UpCraft Club*. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Each month the member can choose a pattern for free in addition to 20% off all other purchases throughout the year.

3. Swoon Vintage Pattern* Collection. 10 patterns in the collection so far. This will keep them busy for hours! There is also the favorites collection, but the patterns in the vintage collection are the newest ones. Gift cards are always appropriate too. 

4. Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch*--Ok. I realize that by putting this on here, I could be treading on treacherous ground. A coverstitch machine is really hard to buy online without really getting a good feel for it--however I have heard great things about this machine. I also suggest shopping at your local sewing machine dealer to get a glimpse at the newest models available.

Click here to visit One Thimble5. Subscription to One Thimble Sewing Magazine*--another gift that keeps on giving. Four times per year, receive the latest news and projects in a digital e-zine format. What's not to love about that?

6. Gift card to their favorite fabric store. This one might be a little bit harder to obtain without them knowing. You will have to really go undercover to find out their favorite shopping places. I consider myself lucky to live reasonably close to a few boutique fabric shops--consider shopping at The French Seam or Always in Stitches if you are in the Indianapolis area.

7. Dinner out--So this one is totally not sewing related, but everyone loves to not have to cook dinner and clean it up--leaves more time for sewing. Am I right? 

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This post may contain affiliate links. By using my affiliate links, I earn a small commission which helps me continue sewing cool stuff for my family. I would never recommend something that I wouldn't be interested in. I was given a copy of this pattern at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Thank you for supporting my site!

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