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A Love Transformed--Review

I recently reviewed books one and two in the Sapphire Brides series by Tracie Peterson so naturally I accepted the chance to review book 3! I love that each book in the series has been completely different. They are all set in the same area--Montana--but each book covers a different time period. A Love Transformed (affiliate link) takes place during a time of war.
Clara was forced by her mother to marry Adolph Vesper. The marriage was simply one of convenience for her mother, not a marriage of love for Clara or Adolph. After 14 years of marriage, Clara suddenly received word that her husband had been shot and killed one morning. His brother, Otto, offered to take care of Clara and her children, but he told her that Adolph had left her penniless. Clara knew that she could not stay in New York city. She secretly fled to her Aunt and Uncle's home in Montana.

In Montana Clara came face to face with a man, who she had loved long ago before she had been forced into a loveless marriage with Adolph. Throughout the years Curtis had served some jail time and done other things of which he was ashamed. Because of this he no longer felt like he deserved someone as wonderful as Clara. After some soul searching, the two come to realize that they do indeed still love one another.

In the mean time Otto has enlisted the help of Clara's mother. Both of them traipse to Montana to try to bring Clara home to New York and force her to marry Otto. During this time, Clara and her family in Montana have uncovered some treasonous deeds committed by Otto and Adolph. With the help of her family and friends, Clara is able to alert the authorities and escape the marriage to Otto.

This book is a gripping story of love and mystery. Each book in this series contains the clear plan of salvation, which I really appreciate. I enjoy reading any book by Tracie Peterson since they are all different. It is always fun to try to figure out how the book will end and the mystery solved.
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