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Has Anyone Ever Seen God?--Rose Academy Review

My daughter has enjoyed being able to read through this little book (affiliate link) Has Anyone Ever Seen God? The cover of the book states that there are 101 questions and answers about God, the world, and the Bible. This is a small little hard cover book. The pages inside are sturdy and thicker than regular paper.
They feel like nice, sturdy cardstock and are printed in color.
There are three sections to this book. Part 1 is questions and answers about God. Part 2 is questions and answers about God's World. Part 3 is questions and answers about the Bible. Each page contains a question at the top of the page followed by a couple paragraphs, which give the answer. After the answer is a verse from the Bible which supports the answer that was given.
Part 1 questions are about God. Question examples include the following:
  • Has anyone ever seen God?
  • Is God a person?
  • Is there anything God can't do?
  • What is sin?
  • Is one religion as good as any other?
  • Does God get mad at me?
  • Does God have a sense of humor?
  • Why did God send Jesus into the world?
Part 2 questions are about God's world. Question examples include the following:
  • Why did God create the world?
  • Why did God make spiders, snakes, and other creepy things?
  • How did God make the first man?
  • Why did God give humans the opportunity to choose evil?
Part 3 questions are about the Bible. Question examples include the following:
  • Why did God give us the Bible?
  • Can I trust what the Bible says?
  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • Who wrote the most books in the Bible?
This is an excellent book for a teen to read. It doesn't need to be read straight through or in a specific order. They could simply pick and choose questions that they are curious about. This would also be a good book choice for a new believer.

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