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A Crafting Tote

For my stop on the Radiant Home birthday celebration, I sewed the water bottle tote. This is a really cute and functional tote that will easily hold 6 large water bottles. 

I decided to not put the carrying handles on the tote and have instead made it into a crafting tote. There is plenty of room to hold lots of supplies and keep your space organized. 
I chose to leave the front pocket on the bag. Since the original instructions use the strap webbing to hide the raw edges of the pocket, I had to make a couple minor adjustments. First, to take care of the raw edges of the pocket sides, I simply cut out a piece of lining fabric the same size as the pocket piece. I sewed both pocket rectangles right sides together leaving a space for turning. Once the piece was turned, I top-stitched across the top of the pocket and attached it to the outside as instructed in the pattern. Since the pocket piece runs all the way across the font, bottom, and back of the tote, I also put a line of stitching about 6 inches down from the top of the pocket piece so I wouldn't lose any of my crafting supplies.
I also tried my hand at free motion applique (fma). I have been an applique fan since the very beginning of my sewing hobby, but this was the first time I had ever tried FMA. I purchased a free motion quilting foot at my local sewing machine dealer, attached it to my machine, and then sewed around the letters in the word create, which I also attached to the front pocket. I actually found that I enjoyed the process of FMA and like how the stitching looks a little like sketching. It was challenging at first for my hands (and my brain) to coordinate moving the fabric along with adjusting the speed with my foot pedal.

Radiant Home Studio 2nd Birthday Celebration:

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd Sew Very || Swoodson Says || Vicky Myers Creations 
Thursday, Dec. 3rd Happy Okapi || House of Estrela || Molly and Mama 
Friday, Dec. 4th Hugs Are Fun || Sew DIY || Made By Sara 
Saturday, Dec. 5th The Wholesome Mama ||  Rebel and Malice

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