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Ruffle Pants--Aivilo Charlotte

Aivilo Charlotte is one of my favorite pattern designers. In fact, hers is one of the first pdf patterns I ever sewed when I first started sewing, and when pdf patterns were just making their appearance in the sewing world. My friend and I made that pattern numerous times just because it was so much fun to make! (special coupon code just for my readers at the end of the post)
A couple years ago, I sewed this pattern for my one of my daughters. Well, I dug out the ruffle pants pattern again and made a size 12 months for my darling niece. They are just a tad big, but adorable nonetheless! 
What I love about this pattern:
  • I love the drafting on these pants. Everything is absolutely perfect. 
  • The seams on the ruffles are completely concealed. Genius! You do need to follow the instructions in the pattern though. Always trust the pattern. Don't try to do it on your own, or you won't end up with concealed seams. I had to read the pattern a couple of times before it dawned on me that I wasn't going to end up with ruffles sewn on backwards, I was simply enclosing the seams. 
  • And that little band? At first glance it appears to be just a decoration, but that little band is key to enclosing the seams. 
  • The pattern fits size 12 months thru 14. A wide size range means lots of use from this one pattern. 
  • Options are given for short or tall ruffles (I used the tall ruffles), short or tall pleats instead of ruffles, or a double ruffle with bias trim and a button detail. It would be super easy to cut these down into capri length as well. 
  • No side seams make these pants quick and easy to sew up--hooray for no fussy cutting to match up prints! 
  • I absolutely ADORE the waistband application in this pattern--no blind stitching and seams are still fully enclosed. Really couldn't ask for better construction and drafting.
I blogged about the top too. You can read more about the pattern and how I created the applique also on my blog

Ready to sew your own pair of ruffled pants? Head over to the Aivilo Charlotte Etsy shop and use the coupon code: 40off good for 40% off your entire pattern purchase in her Etsy shop! Code is good through the end of February, 2016. I'd love to see what you sew! Comment here or tag me on one of my social media channels.

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